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3 year olds


Turning three years is a precious and exciting time for your child. They are beginning to show interest in being with other children and exploring new horizons…providing you as parents and we as their educators, are never far away!

Our program is reflective of our center philosophy which acknowledges the importance of learning through play and relationships with one another.

Hands-on, exploratory play is essential to a young child and they need opportunities to experiment, to discover the world through their senses, to imagine and above all, to become a confident and capable learner.

It is our belief that children require a nurturing and gentle start to kindergarten. Many are still adjusting to being away from their primary caregiver and it takes time to develop new relationships. Feeling secure and valued are the foundation upon which academic skills are built. 

Our program is planned to promote the development of social confidence and intellectual curiosity through both intentional and spontaneous teaching opportunities. Throughout the year the children enjoy participating in incursions and excursions.  The children also take part in a weekly music program during terms 3 and 4.

We look forward to welcoming you and your child to our kinder family here Bellevue.

Below is a piece which we hope captures the unique stage of being three years old…

Because I’m only three, I sometimes become so involved in what I am doing, I forget to go to the toilet.

Because I’m only three, I might cry when you have to leave.

Because I’m only three, I need lots of practice in turn taking, sharing and waiting.

Because I’m only three, I need to touch things in order to learn about the world around me.

Because I’m only three, I love to talk about ME and I’m still learning that other children may not share my point of view.

Because I’m only three, I don’t always have the words to express how I feel.

(Cathy Gleisner)

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 9:00am - 2:00pm (15hrs)

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