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Nurturing Healthy Children


At Bellevue kindergarten we aspire to support our kindergarten children in their growth and development by providing a healthy eating environment. We strive to promote children’s understanding of the importance of healthy eating for them to have the energy to learn and play. 

At kindergarten we refer to our 4 food groups. We encourage children to eat a variety of foods from our Brain, Grow and Energy food groups and treats are our Sometimes food.

  • Brain Food (fruit and vegetables), which help your body to work properly and make you ‘think better’.

  • Grow Food (proteins e.g. meat, dairy, nuts etc), which help your body to grow strong

  • Energy Food (carbohydrates e.g. bread, rice, pasta etc), which give you energy to run and jump and play

  • Sometimes Food (highly processed, sugary or fatty foods e.g. chocolate, lollies, sweet biscuits, chips, soft drink, juice etc), which give you energy for a short time, but then make you tired.  These foods are OK sometimes but if you have too much, they can make you grumpy and make it harder to learn.


For Lunch box ideas visit the following websites:

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pick-mix-lunchbox-poster (2).jpg
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