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Centre Philosophy


At Bellevue Kindergarten we believe that young children are creative, capable and resourceful. They have a natural ability to enjoy the present moment and find pleasure in the simple things of life. Their voice is important and helps to guide the direction of our programme.

Family and cultural connections are the foundation stone of our kindergarten community. They play a fundamental role in the provision of positive learning and developmental outcomes for children. 


Our kindergarten is built upon the land of the Wurundjeri people. We acknowledge and give thanks to them for their care of this beautiful place of learning.  We recognize the importance of maintaining strong relationships with our Wurundjeri elders and sharing their stories of life, land and being.

Bellevue kindergarten is committed to sustainable practice and acknowledges the importance of responding to the challenges of climate change. We believe in the importance of renewable energy and recycling to protect the future of the planet our children will one day inherit.

Young children learn best through a play based curriculum which provides opportunities for open-ended, sensory based experiences which are of interest to them. Our teaching is intentional in order to build ability and confidence which will help the children to acquire skills, knowledge and understandings.

We nurture the children we teach and get to know each of them. We encourage their strengths, interests and capabilities. We believe in being warm and caring - to smile and to listen. 

We strive to be professionally restless – continually questioning what, why and how we can be better? We seek learning opportunities and possibilities in adversity and work collectively to improve our practice.

Most of all, we wish to maintain our commitment to teaching and learning and to support and educate each child to be the best they can be.

We use a range of strategies to capture evidence of the children’s learning, which provides information to parents and influences future planning. Our role is to provoke intellectual curiosity and creativity in children as they question and respond to the world around.    

We encourage collaborative partnerships with families and allied services to enhance children’s learning and wellbeing. We value our parent committee of management and work hard to achieve high standards regarding policy development and the implementation of the national law and regulations.

We are committed to creating a kindergarten community which celebrates cultural diversity, supports families unconditionally and protects the unique qualities of childhood.

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